The FCS II MR Twin

The FCS II MR Twin features a contemporary twist on Mark’s original 4 x World Title twin fin design. This popular twin + stabiliser set-up is now available in both Performance Core (PC), and the more affordable Neo Glass (NG) construction.
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FCS And JW Go Pink For Charity

FCS and Julian Wilson have again partnered to offer a limited edition JW ‘Pink’ Signature Fin and Traction Pad.
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Julian Wilson FCS Win

Julian Wilson rides Pink To Win

My equipment takes on a whole different meaning at this event. Running the pink highlights on all my signature products to help bring some attention to breast cancer awareness is something that’s close to my heart.
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FCS Mick Fanning

Cheers Mick. Mick Fanning announces retirement

3x World Champion Mick Fanning has just announced his retirement from the WSL World Championship Tour. He will surf the first two events of the 2018 season, and will retire after his final heat at Bells.
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FCS Find Your Fin

The FCS Fin Clinic - Find Your Fin

This FCS Fin Clinic is designed to help you find the FCS II fin that’s best suited to the way you want to surf and the waves you’re riding. Watch the video here.
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FCS Mason Ho

FCS welcomes Mason Ho to the Global Team

FCS is excited to announce Mason Ho has joined the Global Team. Mason’s entertaining and spontaneous approach to wave riding, and his embodiment of the surfing lifestyle, played a major part in aligning him with the FCS brand.
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FCS JS Industries Fin

FCS II - Jason Stevenson 'JS' Shaper Fin

The FCS II JS fin was designed by world renowned Shaper Jason Stevenson (JS Industries), and delivers a smooth ride with an emphasis on flow and drive. Watch Video.
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Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos Updated FCS II Shaper Fin

Updated with new materials and aesthetics, the new Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos FCS II template offers freedom to perform tight turns in the pocket with an emphasis on speed.
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Kolohe Andino FCS Traction

Kolohe's New Signature FCS Traction

It’s safe to say Kolohe’s new FCS Traction pad is truly unique. And while it shares some of the same features as other FCS ‘Athlete Series’ pads, there’s some custom elements that set it apart from any other pad.
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FCS II Kolohe Andino

FCS II Kolohe Andino KA Fin

Sitting in the Accelerator family, Kolohe’s signature fin is suited to fast, explosive surfing in punchy waves. Same geometry, new look.
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FCS II Twin Keel Range

The FCS II Twin And Keel Fin Range

From the traditional keel style fish shapes of the 60’s and 70’s, through to MR’s World Title winning design, surfers everywhere are loving the fast and free feel that comes when you eliminate the centre fin.
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FCS II Essential Fins

The New FCS II Essential Series - Find Your Fin

The Essential series consists of 4 different fin templates, with each template representing a family of fins that offer a specific type of performance. We recently re-engineered our premium Performance Core Carbon (PCC) Essentials range. Learn more.
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